Michael Murk
 President & Chief Architect

Michael is the original creator of one of Canada's first accounting programs designed for the new PC platform. The SUMMATION Business Accounting program was launched in 1982 and continued to evolve for the next 20 years. It is still used by companies today.

In 2000 Michael was introduced to the home decor and giftware industry and its need for an affordable and reliable order entry solution for the handheld.

Michael created REMOTE PDA for the PALM-based Symbol handheld and other PALM-based devices. The REMOTE PDA handheld software was used in the field as well as at trade shows and in show rooms.

In 2004 Sentient Development pioneered the REMOTE Digital Catalog, which is now the leading way of presenting product catalogs with full order entry capabilities on a laptop.

Today, REMOTE Catalog has evolved to include complete order history, maintain stock reports, provide detailed sales analysis, offer client and prospect mapping via Google Maps, as well as a complete Day Planner solution for tracking and booking appointments.

Sentient Development now offers the same catalog for the Internet with the Introduction of Remotecatalog.com, a B2B online catalog solution that exactly mirrors the REMOTE Catalog that is used by your sales force.


The Sentient Development Executive Team
Jon Simkins
Chief Technology Officer
Responsible for our Internet development and our
Global Data Centers.

Ashley Hamilton
Customer Support

Responsible for Support Services & Software Documentation.