Sentient Development's Value Adds


Sentient Development's REMOTE Series software and REMOTE Catalog presents over 12 million product images a day to prospective buyers.


The REMOTE Catalog and the REMOTE Series software have been the leading sales force tools since 2004. The products continue to evolve with the sharing of ideas from clients and sales forces across Canada and the United States.



  • REMOTE Catalog
    The first digital Catalog for the PC or Laptop with order building capabilities. It maintains an unlimited number of catalogs and sections, presenting product images in
    a single view, 6, 12 or 24 at a time. Build orders and email confirmations with images.

  • Catalog Creator (REMOTE Catalog Module)

    The catalog creator searches your network for images that match your product. Design catalogs & sections. Now move product to their catalogs & sections. You can add, edit and delete product, catalogs and sections as needed. Update your sales force via Internet.


    A B2B online catalog and order entry application with many features of REMOTE Catalog. Orders submitted by clients can be sent to the sales representative for follow up or directly to head office. Client can build wish lists, view order history & product availability.

  • REMOTE Viewer (An Optional Module)

    The Viewer empowers a customer service representative or staff member with the same digital product catalog that is being used by the sales force and clients. Users can locate product details, pricing and availability.

Transaction Server (REMOTE Catalog Module)

This station is set up inside the head office to retrieve all orders submitted by the sales force before sending them into the back office software for processing and fulfillment. New customer orders can be redirected for credit approval and changes made if needed.

Palm-based software that maintains a customer and inventory list allowing users to scan bar codes and
build orders on the handheld device. Orders are then transmitted back to a PC or laptop via a hotsync. Orders can be printed from the handheld via infrared.