Prospecting at Every Turn
Effective prospecting is a critical component to the growth of a business. A sales force that can source leads adjacent to confirmed appointments will increase the prospect ratio and ultimately affect the bottom line.

The REMOTE Series and Google Maps assist to alleviate time consuming administrative tasks, empowering your sales force. Prospecting and booking existing customers can now be done at the same time. Google Maps will find new prospects in the region of each appointment with up-to-date information.

Key characteristics of a territory can play a large part in prospecting and the competition of product real-estate. Reps can view the map, devise a plan, pin-point the location and determine the course of action (telephone canvassing, face-to-face and/or a leave behind).

Get Directions
Google Maps is perfect for a quick reference, customer locations and strategically planning on-the-road appointments. Working to minimize time on the road with the maximum potential is the ultimate goal. Google Maps can break down each route giving you the km, time, detailed map and driving directions. Sentient Data's REMOTE and Google Maps trims the workload for the sales rep with a large customer base and assists the new rep who may need the help of a navigator.