REMOTE Series Implementation.

Sentient Development assists its clients with the various stages of preparation prior to a software installation. Sentient Development will help you determine the necessary features and address any unique features your company may require. Initial implementation can be as short as 24 hours and final launch can be within 30 to 60 days, depending on the size of your product line, product image availability and available resources.


Sentient Development will offer hardware recommendations and procurement services if needed. Provide administrative training for Catalog Creator and complete training for the staff and sales force that will be issued a copy of REMOTE Catalog and REMOTE PDA.


While the implementation of Sentient Development's REMOTE Series solution can be a quick and efficient part of the implementation, our software includes software updates and technical support throughout the entire contract of the software.


Our success has been built on the success of our clients and the accolades we receive from their staff and sales force.