Sentient Data's REMOTE Series digital catalog and order entry software is an Enterprise solution that enables a sales force, managers and customer service representatives with a wide range of features to build orders and assist new and existing clientele.

REMOTE Catalog for the Laptop.

* Maintain a detailed customer list, order history and A/R status.
* Build and maintain unlimited product catalogs and sections.
* Add product with multiple images.
* Add additional product information from outside your back office system.
* Update your customer list and catalog on a daily basis.
* View product in a single view or 6, 12 and 24 items at a time.
* Know if product is available as you order.
* Know if the client has ordered a product before while building your order.
* Look up next available date if low or out of stock.
* View related product by popularity.
* Build one order that is separated by product line or ship date.
* Email confirmations with product images and build PDF catalogs.
* Users can maintain a complete order history that includes show orders.
* With REMOTE Analysis build reports, charts and graphs of your sales.
* With REMOTE Calendar log orders and book new appointments.
* With REMOTE Maps users can locate existing clients and new prospects.


REMOTE PDA for the handheld
* Maintain a detailed customer and inventory list on your handheld.
* Build orders for new and existing customers.
* Enter product quickly using a bar-code scanner.
* Apply discounts and specials.
* Build one order and then separate it automatically by date or product line.
* Print confirmations from your handheld to an infrared equipped printer.